Today the California
Supreme Court decided to uphold Prop 8, outlawing gay marriage in
California. This really makes me sad. I thought we were more forward
thinking than this, and I’m disappointed in the Supreme Court for being
so closed minded. Everyone… gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered,
should have equal rights to marry who they want to. I have
many gay friends and all I want is for them to be happy, yet this is
just another obstacle in their way. Now they must continue fighting to
be granted a basic civil right that many people take for granted. Shame
on you, California! We must all continue to fight the h8!

If you want to attend a rally near you, you can find out more information here!


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  1. MellissaM&M  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    Why is religion practiced by some on the foundation of faith & not fact being pushed off as state law on ALL individuals? What happens in someone else’s marriage (pluralism/divorce/adultery) doesn’t change the validity of my own, why should gay marriage?

  2. MellissaM&M  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    And as a side note, why should the public masses get to decide (prop8bill)the personal rights & freedoms of a minority group? That’s how slavery lasted in this county as long as it did! GAY is not a choice or an experiment, its who a person is to the core.

  3. EstrellaC  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    I love you Kim but I have to be honest and say that I don’t agree here. I am with the California Supreme Court on this one. There was an election last November and we as Californian’s voted. Not everyone gets their way in an election, but it is what it is.

  4. Kiki  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    This is so sad. Of all the places, CA. The most diverse and multicultural sate in the US, and we can’t accept it. But it’s not the Supreme Courts’ fault, Kim. Do you realize how hard it would be to overturn something the citizens voted against? That would be a legal mess. There would be lawsuits left and right. There’s no way to make everyone happy in this situation. I wish it were different. I am happy that they allowed the previous marriages to remain a marriage. Can you imagine how heartbreaking that would be; to have the government tell you no, you’re no longer married? Why can’t people just be happy for others? I don’t see this as any different than the old southern laws banning multicultural relationships. The government should not be allowed to tell you who you can marry. And people keep talking about what it says in the Bible; what happened to the division of church and state people? It’s all so ridiculous. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people care so much?! If you’re straight, why do you care what gays are doing with their life?! I hope it gets put on the ballot again in 2012. Hopefully people will grow and become more compassionate, and it will pass next time.

  5. The Diva  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    Being gay is a choice for some. This is an issue because for one if you have people who don’t believe you should be gay in the first place-they are not going to think you need to get married. Especially those who are thinking of it from s biblical point.

  6. sogold  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    I totally agree Kim, today I am ashamed of being a Californian, I never realized how heartless people can be in a state known for tolerance and known for having an open mind. It is a sad day when people are told that they are not equal to everyone else.

  7. chanel'5  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    Hey Kim,
    I totally agree with you. I believe that we should all have the same rights! especially when it comes to love. I think that this shouldn’t even be an issue, but certain people decide to make this a big issue. Let people be happy…..California!!!

  8. Cassandra  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    amen sista. So disappointing and unfair. people need to not be so discriminatory.

  9. Miami Princess  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    WOW, not shocked at all. In Florida, gays, homosexuals can foster children (be foster parents) but they can’t adopt them. I don’t understand how they are good for one but not the other. Very surprising for diverse states as Florida and California.

  10. Lisa  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

    I’m a lesbian. Have been all my life. I was born this way. It was never a conscious “choice”. Just like being straight is not a conscious choice.
    I love who I love and there’s no two ways about it. My basic civil rights are being violated by prop H8.

    • The Diva  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

      OK but everyone is not born gay. IT is a learned behavior for many. Being straight is a concious choice. There are some people that have a special case with chromosomes and stuff going wrong at birth, but I don’t believe you are born gay. That’s some BS!

      • Kiki  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

        I don’t know about you, but I don’t know a single straight man that would choose to be gay. A straight man, who just woke up one day and decided he was gonna try men? I’m not buying THAT. Being straight is not a conscience choice, I didn’t decide at 5 I was straight, but I had a crush on a boy. And I don’t understand peoples’ arguments that say people choose to be gay. Why would anyone choose to make their life harder? Yeah, there’s some stupid girls out there that make out with other girls just because they want to, they’re experimenting or whatever, but if you’re gay, really gay, no its not a choice. Gay people can choose to hide it, try to pretend they’re not, but they are gay. And there’s not a single straight person that can argue with this, because you don’t know! How are you gonna tell them it’s a choice, when you’re not gay and you have absolutely no clue what its like?!?! I’m sorry but you’re wrong. You can believe whatever you like, but you’re wrong.

        • The Diva  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

          She was saying it like she was that way since birth. I disagree. It is a learned behavior that you are concious of. I don’t believe you are born gay either…you are attracted to who you are attracted to..

        • The Diva  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

          And just like you choose to have blonde hair over dark…its preference. people were in the closet back in the day because of the fear of how it was looked at. Its more accepting now, but then you have ppl dats like hell no and don’t believe its ok

          • Kiki  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

            Well I respect your opinion. I believe that anyone who is straight doesn’t really have a say in the situation at all, because like I said, we’re not gay, so we don’t know. To me its like saying people choose to be bipolar, it just doesn’t make sense. I look at it the same way as I look at slavery. White people decided black people were less than human because of their skin color, because they were different; they decided they were dumb, they decided they shouldn’t have equal rights. I look at it the same way; some straight people, Christian people, Mormon people etc., are deciding gay people don’t have equal rights because they’re different. That’s just how I see it.

          • The Diva  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

            I don’t think its because they are different..Christians are going with what they believe GOD wants. I hate when ppl compare this to slavery because gay ppl haven’t felt the wrath of what slaves have felt. not a good anology. And just like u said we don’tKnow what gay people choose to be or not. This is gonna be an issue for one: the laws were built before gay ppl came out in the open two: marriage in this culture has been between a man and woman three: the legal system believes Christian views. Whatever we decide its always gonna be a price to pay in the end whether is a disaster within our own mess or feeling the wrath of the Creator! But I feel you-we don’t know cause none of us are studying this scientifically and to be honest we all gotta do us at the end of each day.

      • sarah_jane  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

        I agree that *all* sexuality can be learnt, but that doesnt mean it’s conciously chosen. A person’s sexuality is too tied up in their identity to just do away with to please society. It’s no reason to treat homosexuals like they’re sub-human or flawed.

    • Miami Princess  |   Posted on May 26th, 2009

      Please help me to understand “I was born this way”. NOT bashing you at all but I don’t understand this statement unless there are medical reasons. Anyone else can answer if Lisa don’t. Again I am not bashing just want some understanding….

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