Check out this behind-the-scenes video from my Fit in Your Jeans by Friday DVD signing at Kitson. You’ll see Philip and Mario, who did my hair and makeup, Monica Rose, my stylist who came by to help me pick out my outfit and all my awesome fans. I even took my own Kim Kam over to Kitson to take my own footage! My fans were so amazing and I was so happy with the turnout. I’ve also posted a bunch more photos from the event. So if you were at the event, take a look through and see if you can find yourself!! 


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  1. PRINCESS   |   Posted on Jul 17th, 2009


  2. angel_perfect866  |   Posted on Jul 18th, 2009

    omg thats me in the red dress!!! hahah i feel really cool.

  3. ? Swiss Honey ?  |   Posted on Jul 27th, 2009

    you’re so nice so sweet and so gorgeous ! what’s ur pink lipstick ? i just love the colour

  4. 831angel  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2009

    hi kim,i am such a big fan you are so beautiful and you have an awesome personality hope to meet you someday!!!

  5. paloma10e  |   Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    hey kim i been senting massages to see if you could sent me autograph picture of you if a birthday surprise for my husband for his birthday please reply his b-day is on octuber his a great husband and i want to do something special for him. thanks

  6. wuguniang  |   Posted on Sep 7th, 2009

    beautiful woman her combat index to 3200.. is she still stay with her husband.. someone posted on yahoo answers that she has an profile on an online site ~~~~ Sugarloves.Com~~~~ you know it is a bad site for rich men to seek sexy girls.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stephanie  |   Posted on Sep 16th, 2009

    Heyyy KiM(: ive been keeping up with your fit in your jeans by friday video; and yess ive been feeling the i juss wanted to ask you the usual question you might hear. How do you keep up with a perfect body? Do you follow a specific diet?

  8. Rubi  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2009

    Hello Kim. My husband recently Gift me your work out video for Abs and Upper Body work out and let me tell you it has not been that easy but I love it the whole work out makes me work on every part of my body.

  9. spoiled45  |   Posted on Jan 2nd, 2010

    hey kim i sent u an email and i luv u u look gr8 in any picture

  10. Meagan456  |   Posted on May 3rd, 2010

    Hey Kim i know this isnt pertaining to this topic, but im not sure if this can happen but i was wondering if you can do me a big favor? please its for my bff’s 16th birthday and i was wondering if you could do something for me, thanks!

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