I recently had a fabulous
photo shoot with famed make up artist to the stars Scott Barnes. He is
famous for doing make up for Jennifer Lopez! He has a new book called About Face and I was so honored when he asked me to be in it!

Check out
some pics of Scott and I behind the scenes at our first shoot together. Chuckie Amos is the one who rocked out the hair and later gave me
the blonde look


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  1. Coryn  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    Wow, STUNNING as always with or without make up!

  2. Farzeen ;)  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    hey gorgeous! coryn said it best, u do look stunning. what is it like to do a photoshoot? is it a lot of fun?

  3. Parasolka  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    You look so amazing in this black dress. Just perfect! And your make up is the piece of art, really! Love u!

  4. Lita  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    Hi kimykim.I don’t like a lot the make up. I find the eyes too dark, the lips too pale. But I loooove the black dress & the blue colour of the swimsuit. You look fabulous.The hair on 5TH picture: love it so much too! You’re beautiful on the last photo.kiss

  5. Ugly Duckling  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    Hi Kim,

    I like that J Lo look..Please post makeup tips what they use to get that look..like lip stick, bronzer and cheek illuminating high lighter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hi kim – not talkin about this particular photo shoot but ur face is starting 2 look way 2 cakey. U were more appealing when u did or had more of a natural look. The heavy concealers used on u r not working for u plus its uneccesary cus ur a natural beauty

    • DeliaOreo  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

      I agree with you. Since a little while u’re wearing a little heavy make-up especially under the Eye area. Too much concealer. I think the more natural look with a healthy glow is the perfect look 4 you, kim. but i love u no matter what ;-)! xoxo

  7. at the latest event when (looked like) you wore a black sweet heart black jumpsuit/pantsuit your face looked way to mask like. I’m a fan – but the face make-up is way to heavy and very unatural.

  8. Smitch  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    ohh kim truth … I feel super retro photo shoot for ……..

  9. Juliana  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    Hey Kim!Well,I’m from Rio de Janeiro. And this is te first time I leave my comment here.’Bout the photo,you’re incredible as usual.
    And,I wanna tell you that I love you.You have a big fan here. I was thinking on create kimbrasil.com. May I?

  10. Bessy  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009

    I love the picture of you with the bushy updo.

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