Check out this funny skit my mom and Chelsea Handler did with Heather and Chuey! 


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  1. Kiki  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    This skit was stupid. Maybe I don’t have a sense of humor but I thought it was dumb. Not because she made fun of you, just because it was stupid.

  2. Mimi  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    HA HA, Ass Pump! That was funny :D And so cool of your mom to do that video :)

  3. mollymouse16  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    haha too funny! your mom is too much! i adore her! she is soooo cute! and such a great business woman:P i always enjoy seeing her with you guys!

  4. Robyn  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    ah haha that was really funny! i liked the part when Kris pumped your butt!! too funny! xoxo

  5. Miami Princess  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    OMG that was toooo funny! I love Chelsea Handler, I try to watch her every night.

  6. Kris30  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    Your mom is so cool and I’m glad the Kardashian dolls have a sense of humor. I love Chelsea, I watch her every night.

  7. Rosie  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    This is hilarious! I watched it on Khloe’s blog yesterday and I love how Khlo is throwing Kourtney around lmao!

  8. This made me laugh so hard i love it!!

  9. ArielluvzKimmiKup  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    I liked it….totally kute and your mon was funny and a great sport for it….lol i loved when klo and kourt fight and she drags her…lmao that happens like EVERY show its so funny…

  10. TxKitKat  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009

    I just lmao! OMG! I had tears in my eyes! I luv U guys totally! I so love the sense of humor The Kardashian Krew has n how you took that in stride. Hey those are God given assets! Flaunt it if ya got it! I watch ya’ll Every Sun or it is DVR’d…Smooches!

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