There have been many rumors floating around that Kourtney, Khloe and I are posing for an upcoming Playboy issue.

This is not true!

We would be the brunette version of The Girls Next Door! Haha.

Although we would be flattered, no one has even asked us, so I don’t know where this rumor has sparked from.

I put up the new playboy Russia cover, which was just released.

I think this is my 4th or 5th worldwide cover — who knew! This shoot was taken two years ago.

I keep getting different covers in the mail from fans asking me to sign them from different countries. It’s so funny, I had no idea I would be on so many covers!

So that’s it, just wanted to set the record straight!

Love ya Hef!


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  1. Miss.Sassy0217  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    Wow.. CONGRADULATION KIM, you are now world wide…all your hard work is gradually paying off. Even though the picture was taken two years ago, you still look stunning. It sure looks like it was just taken a few months ago. If playboy ask you to do another photo shoot, would you?

    **Kim, I am not sure if you still remember or not I know you are extremely busy but I hope you haven’t forgotten about the signed photo.. Please email me at so I can give you my address** THANKS… XOXO

  2. saa0920  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    You should do it again why the hell not.

    I love that brunette comment. It’s true!!



  3. Salvadorena  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    Hey Kim
    Thanks for clearing up the rumors so fast. You’re quick!

  4. shopaholicprincess  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    OMG, Kim it would be amazing yet people will be talking,but it doesnt matter. Thank u for clearly rumors, however yesterday in the newspaper Metro in NYC said that you are approximately 900,000-1,000,000 in debts,is it true? Just wondering!

  5. Miss Meliss  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    That’s so funny that the mags are just getting released! Why wouldn’t they release them for each country at the same time?
    I think the brunette playboy comment came from the interview with Ryan Seacrest that was posted a while ago. For some reason the link doesn’t work anymore, but it said something about that. I don’t remember if Khloe made some sort of comment or what, but…
    I’m sure Hef will be calling you ladies soon if he hasn’t already!

  6. carmi  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    actually Kourtney made da comment when U guys interviewed with Ryan on his radio show. U actually posted it on here First Khloe said she would luv it then Kourtney said:We could be the the brunette version of the girls next door. So it kinda started wit U!

  7. KimberlyG  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    The rumors stemmed from the JOKING comment Kourtney made on Ryan Seacrests’ radio talk show. You know how tabloids take everything you say and put there own spin on it? Well anyway, love you doll! AND I’m also lovin the season of KUWTK!!!


  8. Queen Melissa  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    Where do you hear these rumors? I read Perez/TMZ all the main ones and NEVER read this so you must search REALLY hard for ANY news about yourself. Why do you have to show your vajayjay? why?

    • Miss Meliss  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

      She just said they WEREN’T doing it — it was a rumor. We all know she posed in the past, but why are you asking her like she does it all the time? I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure she can’t do anything about the magazine being released over and over.

  9. Kiki  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    Kim, you should have two different blogs. A “Kim’s Hater’s Blog” and then one for your fans. And you can make Queen Melissa the admin of the haters, to make sure no nice comments sneak through. She should make money off all that negativity she has towards you, cuz it’s not doing her any good right now. Haters gotta eat too. Just a thought.

    • Miss Meliss  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

      That sounds like a great idea…

      • Kiki  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

        Yes, thank you. I knew I wasn’t the only one who though it was a good idea.

        • Miss Meliss  |   Posted on Mar 19th, 2009

          You’re definitely not alone.
          What ever happened to “Kim’s #1 Fan Melissa”? lol does she still come on here?
          I’ve said this a million times, but I still don’t understand the point of coming on Kim’s blog just to talk trash. What a waste of time! It doesn’t make sense to me. Or saying really sweet stuff sometimes, and then all of a sudden being extremely cruel…

  10. Sabina  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

    I’m from Moscow, and i bought this magazine a month ago, just cause of you obviously, you look gorgeous! The title says: “Hollywood’s New Sex Symbol Kim Kardashian in this Winter’s Hottest Photoshoot!” lol

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