Hey guys,

My marvelous makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic answered a TON of your
questions after I posted his makeup videos. Here is the first batch,
which focuses on eye makeup…

Jytza: I was wondering what you think of colored eyeliner and colored
mascara. I’m tired of the basic black and would like a pop of color
without looking tacky…what would you recommend for someone who has
brown eyes like me or Kim?

Mario: I think auburn/burgundy mascara would look great with brown
eyes.  Try green eyeliner – that usually looks good with brown eyes..I
like the MAC’s technakohl liner in Antiquity.   Kevyn Aucoin makes a
great burgundy shade of mascara and Lorac makes a nice Auburn one too.

Mae: Hey Mario! Thanks for answering our make up questions. I use a
regular pencil eye liner. How do you keep it from smudging throughout
the day? And second, which eye shadow colors look good on medium tan,
skin tones?

Mario: Hey Mae, before you apply your pencil on the upper lid, use an
eye shadow primer or some foundation/concealer on the lid and dust some
loose powder over it to set it.  Follow with the liner.  You could also
apply the liner, then set it with a translucent, no color powder.  If
the liner on the inner rim of your eye isn’t staying, switch to a
waterproof  one like the powerpoint pencil from MAC.  It lasts all day.

OfficialGirl09: Hi Mario! I only use liquid eyeliner and I wanted to
know what is the best one? I’ve always used “Almay” and I love it
because it last long, but it smears a little on the bottom lid. Help!

Mario: Hey OfficialGirl09, I like using liquid eyeliners that are matte
and that can blend easily once they dry.  The one I’m currently using
is by MAC.  To prevent smearing on the bottom, again – make sure the
skin has makeup and powder on before.  Powder will really help to
prevent smudges.

(There are a bunch more answers after the jump!)


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  1. Farzeen   |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    OMG! thank you soo much Mario for answering all our questions. this is really amazing. it must be wonderful working with kim! i am a makeup artist in my town and work at a MAC store. but there is sooo much more that i could learn.

  2. Farz (=  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    hey Kim! it’s me Farzeen!! just letting you know i changed my display name. but it’s still me. your number 1 fan!!
    Farz (=

  3. starlight  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    MARIO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. Spanish GIRL  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    thanks! I did want to know the powders name and foundation name… but this is way gd! Thanks Mario So much!!

  5. Princess Diana  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    Is the blush by Kevyn Aucoin called “Jadore” like he stated on the blog or “Shadore” which is the only name that comes up when I checked out his blush products.

  6. Summer  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    So sweet! Thank Mario and Kim for sharing all this cool beauty info :) I want to try the fashion forward cat eye next time I’m going out now.

    Best Wishes

  7. danni  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    y arent u a spokes person for mac unlike others u seem to really use there stuff.

  8. OfficialGirl09  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    Thanks Mario and Kim! I’m really going to use a lot of the tips that were given.


  9. OfficialGirl09  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    Thanks Mario and Kim! I see I’m going to have to switch on over to MAC products no more “Almay” LOL!

    Love you guys

  10. Ms.Sassy0217  |   Posted on Mar 4th, 2009

    Thanks MARIO AND KIM, for answering all of you fans question… it’s sure helpful. MUAH.. .

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