As you guys know, I went to Cabo San Lucas recently to shoot my 2010 calender!

I am sooo excited about it and I wanted to share with you guys a sneak peek of the behind the scenes footage!

Troy Jensen, Monica Rose and I went down and worked it out!!!

Enjoy the pics!

P.S. Look at that bronzer in some of the shots! I look so tan! I love that sun-kissed glow.


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  1. Cynthia J.C  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    nice pics. i luv dem all.

  2. Cynthia J.C  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    I luv da pics Kim, u look hot. the location is gerat and i luv da swim suits.

  3. Ugly Duckling  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    Hi Kim,

    You are so beautiful. Troy has so much talent…Please share the makeup tips for this photo shoot..

  4. Ugly Duckling  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    Hi Doll,

    What do you use to have a glowey look? Do you use any MAC mineral powder?
    Please post the goodies that you use as you always share with your fans.

  5. Farzeen   |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    kim you look absolutley GORGEOUS! you really are an incredibly beautiful woman. inside and out. thank you sooo much for sharing these pictures with us. you are my IDOL.
    luv ya,

  6. Annabelle  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    omg kim, that flowy pink blue and white dress is gorgeous. where is it from? you look so beautiful as always. it makes me miss my tan! its so cold in Boston now!
    anyways stay gorgeous doll :)

    ur #1 Fan from Boston

  7. sexy t  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    Awe! Kim,
    The pics look amazing! The location was great, and you brought along Troy..I love him! He does such a fab job…

    Can’t wait to see the calendar.

    BTW, What is the name of the bronzer you used?

    Have a great weekend


  8. french girl   |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    i’m french girl and in paris nobody knows who are kim but i juste have a question what did she make this girl ? she’s a famous actress or singer ?? no she’s just a girl like paris hilton !!! She knows how to make nothing of the other one ha ha ha !!

  9. Lita  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    I’m french girl too & I know as my friends Kim, & she makes a TV reality show as many french people in France, except that she’s more beautiful than them. And she makes some beautiful pics as a model, so yes she’s famous & deserves it.

    • Chloe  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

      I am French too but not as stupid as you are! I understand why I left this stupid country! We are in Hollywood here… Kim is gorgeous, and her body is unbelievable! Is it hard to understand? Oh and she’s got a brain, not like you!

  10. Lita  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009

    …and I think than you, French Girl, is a poor little girl from France who is terribly jealous and frustrated to be not so rich or beautiful than Kim.

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