Reggie and I went to the Tracy Reese show! I LOVE Tracy Reese dresses. I recently wore one to the Moves Magazine party in Tampa.

Usually how it works is a designer will send you a few dresses to chose from to borrow and wear for the show. The pieces they send are in the fashion show and usually only samples. That’s why you have to sometimes return them. They are from the season being featured.

I really wanted to experiment with different looks during Fashion Week, so for this show we went with a more ’40s inspired baby doll look! I rarely do red lips but LOVE them and Mario, who did my makeup, suggested them. He used MAC lipliner called REDD and filled in my whole lip with the liner, and put NARS Bloodwork lipgloss on top. Joaquin did my hair very Carrie Bradshaw-ish… I love the curls! 

OMG and backstage I met ANDRE LEON TALLEY!!! He is the editor-at-large at VOGUE!!! I had to walk up and introduce myself and he said, darling I know who you are, Kardashian! I almost fainted! I met him when I was about 13-years-old with my father and Barbara Walters. He pulled Reggie over and wanted to meet him. He was so lovely and fabulous, and it was truly a dream come true to meet him!

I also met Kellie Pickler, who was such a doll! I am the biggest fan country music and a big fan of hers!
This show was truly amazing!


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  1. Imtoosexxxy4you  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009

    You ALWAYS look TOTALLY F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!


  2. Chiquita Banana  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009

    Wow you look splendid! I love the hair, I can’t believe your bangs grew so fast already. And yes I loooove the red lips! Keep on shining girl!

  3. adriana  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009

    Hey Kim!..i saw his photos on gossip girls..You’re just stunning!..ALWAYS!..keep doing it!..Hope you come some day to venezuela!..all your fans wants to see you here..maybe promoting keeping up with the kardashians or a DASH store!^^
    Love u girl!always!

  4. kim u look stunning!:)i really like youre hair!
    you re my insperation!keep up with what u doing!nd give us moore beauty tips,can not get enough!!!!!!

  5. Stiletto Vixen  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009

    I love love Andre Leon Talley. He is so fab and always right on the cutting edge of fashion he’s definitely a guru. It must have been an honor to be in his presence.

  6. Stiletto Vixen  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009

    Oh and Kim you look fab very old Hollywood classic style. Loves it

  7. Sarah  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009


  8. I really like this look on you. There is nothing wrong with changing up your style every now and then. Great look for fashion week!

  9. Christine C  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009

    You look beautiful. Your website wasn’t working for me yesterday, but I am happy it is back to normal now! I noticed in pics that Nikki Hilton was sitting with her body away from you. Weird. You have more class than them anyways.

  10. sexy t  |   Posted on Feb 18th, 2009

    You look absolutely breathtaking! I love that dress! And your hair was amazing!

    Andre is so talented and rubs elbows with the elite….watch you’ll be on the cover of vogue mag next!! how cool would that be??


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