ShopDashOnline has launched! And it is better than ever!

made the site customizable so you can shop the way you want. And we
Dash dolls have all profiled our personal style to let you see what
outfits we are buying. Check out my picks!


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  1. Veronica ?'s Kim's style  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    Hi Kim! I went online yesterday from Khloe’s page. I’m loving the new site. I hope u girls add some ANLO jeans!!


  2. Miss Meliss  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    I checked out the new site the other day, and I thought it was fabulous! Much better than the old one (no offense), and very professional. I’m excited to see the new updates each week…
    Good job!

  3. KimKardashianFan  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    Hey Kim your site doesnt allow me in the UK to order you’ll have to get this done soon xxx

  4. jelly  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    kourtney is really on point with her style profile, she knows white is hot for spring…i love her style. Hey just wondering how come you are still selling your “vote for kim” t-shirts? Are they still in demand?

  5. Kiki  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    Great job on the new site but you guys need some more inventory! There was only a few dresses and shirts. But I’ll check back often to see the new stuff. It looks really good though.

  6. kobe  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    a little too pricey for me but the dresses are cute

  7. The site definitely looks better. I noticed there isn’t much inventory though. Great feature for each of you to showcase your individual style.

  8. GlamGod101  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    Hey K.N.K :D

    I am super excited that you guys finally got the website up & running =)
    I remember that episode where you stayed up late takin pics for the website..!

  9. Farzeen  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    hey kim! i love the online store. it is so cool. you and your sisters did an amazing job. love you!

  10. Lita  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2009

    Great job! You & your sisters did an amazing work. The website is very attractive & the clothes are always beautiful. But do you deliver in France, beacause I didn’t found something about the ship outside of USA. Thks & Xoxo.

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