Last night was the Dancing With The Stars finale and the remaining dancers definitely showed that they are the cream of this season’s crop. Everyone performed so well, I was in awe!

Brooke and Derek were perfection. Their Grease freestyle was amazing! Lance and Lacey‘s hip-hop freestyle was totally cute. And Warren and Kym really went for it, dancing to Tina Turner‘s “Proud Mary”!

I can honestly say that I really don’t know who will ultimately take home the mirrored disco ball tonight — it’s going to be such a tough call!

I sat in the audience with Jeff Ross, Maurice Green and Rocco DiSpirito.

Also, I’m dancing the mambo again tonight! (Can you believe it!?) Are you going to watch?

For more from my evening on the DWTS set, go to my most-recent MSN TV blog post!


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  1. East Coast  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    u look cute!

  2. Marie   |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    Good Luck Kim!!! I’m sure you will do great :)

  3. Miss Meliss  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    I haven’t really been keeping up with DWTS, but I’m rooting for Lance & Lacey. I was a HUGE ‘N Sync fan in middle school, and I definitely have a soft spot for him lol.
    From what I’ve seen they all look pretty good though, and I’m sure whoever wins deserves it.
    That was nice of you to go out there & show your support for the remaining contestants! They’re probably relieved it’s over, but sad to see it end. It seems like they’ve been doing it for a while now…

  4. Chanth!n!  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    Hello Kim,

    I will watch for sure!! If I hear anything about you or your family I am there as well. I totally admire the closeness and support all you wonderful women in your family have with each other. You are so lucky to have them. I thought I’d let you know that your sister called me back but I missed the call. I am waiting for her to call me back, Soooooon I hope….

  5. Elizabeth  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    Omg Kimberly, you and Reggie are so stinking cute i wanna gag! Im jealous!
    Love ya!

  6. Denise K  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    I like Lance and Lacey but I think that Brooke and Derek will win tonight!
    I cant wait to see your dance tonight. I didnt see you in the crowd last night, I saw your sis and mom. Your dress is beautiful!

  7. Allison Mae  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    U dancing the mambo??? Oh, how dreadful!!!

  8. Isabel  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    i didn’t know you were dancing the mambo tonight! i’m so gonna watch! i also can’t wait to find out who’s going to win!

  9. Rosa  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008

    I’m still trying to fighure out who i’m voting for. All the dancing teams are great and all have made alot of improvements.

    I can’t wait to see you dancing again.
    I will be watching. Break a leg!!!!


  10. hell ya

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