We recently hit up XIV again! The food is really to die for! They serve the most amazing Indian bread! Kourtney, Rob and I went with Rob’s friend JJ, our friend Brittny and Joe! It was Holly Montag’s bday party so we all went out to celebrate!


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  1. lisa  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008

    very upset that you havent been posting what make-up ur wearin like u promised

  2. jelly  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008

    Are you talking about “naan” or “tandoori roti” both are good ! Thanks for the pics but im not a heidi fan lol sorry. Hope you’re enjoying your time with reggie right now ! I wonder did you invite heidi to your bday bash too? LOL yeah none of my business.

  3. Stephanie  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008

    Ugh! Fashion Faus Pas!!! Did your friend seriously wear the same dress out she wore for your birthday party… All that money and she cant wear another dress??? You look gorgeous as always!!1

  4. Anonymous  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008

    lol didn’t brittny wear that dress to your bday too? nice to see rich celebs not afraid to wear the same thing twice, ive also seen you wear that jacket before…great to know you wear things more than once ha ! Oh i see heidi’s sis all up in the mix…i wonder were “The Hills” cameras there? LOL was brody there???

  5. carmi  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008

    I keep wondering did Joe have his nose done? Something looks really different about it for a while now…

  6. jelly  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008

    oops you said holly montag not heidi montag…nm then !

  7. is that joe francis? the jail bird? the “girls gone wild guy”? If so, why do you hand around him lol what do you girls have in common with him? Hollywood celebs tend to stay away from that guy. Anyways, i love indian bread too. It’s so good ! Thanks for the pics.

  8. Omg why did Britt wear that dress again?it was your b’day and she couldn’t be bothered 2 buy a dress for the night out!

    Omg Kim when are you coming to LONDON??????

  9. Melissa  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008

    Mmmm! I love Italian food…

    The picture of everybody together is funny — you and Kourtney both have these unenthusiastic looks on your faces…

    I’ve only seen Holly on a couple episodes of The Hills (lol), but I like her :) She seems really sweet.

    And to “pp” — They’re friends with Joe. Did you watch the episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where they went to his house in Mexico (I think..?) to shoot the swimsuit ad? They called him (or he called them) from jail to see how the pics turned out, and they said they were his angels (like Charlie’s angels)…


  10. Melissa, yeah i saw that episode but i thought it was for strictly business lol i didn’t he was a real true close friend that they hang out with. LOL sorry i do have a bit of a sour spot for joe francis…i just don’t like him…lol i know i know but i gotta keep it honest ! Hey but I didn’t know holly had money to throw a party lol on the hills she acts broke and says she can’t find a job or afford an apartment.

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