Friday night we celebrated my 28th birthday party in Vegas! I was originally supposed to be in London with Reggie but obviously didn’t go due to his knee surgery. This party was planned for a while because I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to go to London due to Dancing With the Stars—so when I was able to go, I was always going to fly back from London for this birthday party and fly right back to London so I wouldn’t miss the game! I know it’s a lot of flying, but flying doesn’t really bother me! I can always sleep! LOL!
So we planned this trip from L.A. to Vegas… Me, Kourtney, Khloe, Brittny, Robin, Jonathan, Caroline and her boyfriend Alexander, Charity and Danielle! We all flew together! When we landed we went straight to the Luxor hotel! It has been renovated and all redone and is to die for!!!! Our room was 5,000 square feet! The nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in! There was a gym, steam showers and pool table!

We were blasting music while we were getting ready and the door bell rings… IT’S REGGIE!!! He surprised me! The coaches and doctors agreed that Reggie was well enough to fly to Vegas and attend my party. I was being a total mom type and made a security guard stand next to him so no one would bump into his knee! LOL! He is feeling great and will be back in no time! Yesterday the Saints won their game against the Chargers in London!!!

We all got glammed up for the party but we were noticing that every single one of us looked like we were attending a different event! Here is Khloe’s analysis:

  • Kim – the Golden Globes (but it’s my birthday so I have the pass to dress like whatever I want!)
  • Kourtney – flapper girl, Vegas show girl
  • Khloe – Vegas strip for sure!
  • Brittny – Vegas glitzy, but in the dead of winter
  • Charity – Kimora Lee Simmons glam
  • Robin – rocker pussycat
  • Danielle – cutie pie Kerri Washington type
  • Caroline – business meeting
  • Carla – dominatrix diva

This was a birthday I will never forget!!!


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  1. Munin  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    Thats a really pretty dress you are wearing. Happy Bday

  2. carla  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    you girls look hot!! love your dress!!

  3. Doreen  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    Looks like you had a blast for your birthday party!! All you girls do look hot as always. Glad Reggie was able to surprise you.

  4. Diandra  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    You look gorgeous Kim..Glad to hear you had a good time at ur bday party!

    Love you!!

  5. viv   |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    Kim you and Reggie look so cute! Oh and I love Kourtney’s dress she always looks so great! Hope you had a great time :)

  6. Miami Princess  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    You looked like you had a blast. That was sweet of Reggie to surprise you.

    go to and vote for Reggie to go to the NFL Pro Bowl.

    Go Saints!!

  7. you guys look great ,im happy you had a great time.reggie and you looked great, cutecouple!!

  8. anette  |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    KIm happy b-day..your a scorpio just like me…your my and everyone look georgeous!!!

  9. Steelerz   |   Posted on Oct 27th, 2008

    hey girl it looks like you guys had so much fun!! Wish i could have been there :)
    your dress is amazing as usual :)
    anyhow i hope reggie gets back to the field soon :)

  10. Kim, your dress is gorgeous!!! You look great. Looks like you guys had a great time. I’m sure having Reggie surprise you made it even better. You two look so in love.

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