What can I say… I am obviously sad to go, but I am more sad to not be seeing this amazing cast that really has grown so close together.

I know I wasn’t the best dancer and I never claimed to be. I have never taken a dance class in my life until now! But WOW what an incredible experience!

I will never ever forget this journey. I have made friends I know will be in my life forever now! I wouldn’t have given up the experience for the world!

After the show Mark and I were rushed to do Jimmy Kimmel and then it was the wrap party for Keeping Up with the Kardashians at Crown Bar. So many of the DWTS crew came by to support! 


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  1. Rhianna  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    aah Kimmy, sad to see you go! I won’t watch DWTS any more this season! xx

  2. Tali  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    Kim Im so prad of you!! Its hard to see you leave the show, The show will not be the same without you. Take care and God bless you

  3. Denise  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    Girl, you were robbed! The old lady should have been the one to leave!!!!!

  4. rainy  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    I heard that the DWTS cast get an appearance fee, are you going to give it to charity? I hope so. LOL hey can you push up the premiere of keeping up with the kardashians to next month instead of next march ?! Anyways I can’t believe how much fun you guys get to have. But im surprised you guys would have your wrap party for keeping up with the kardashians on the anniversary of your father’s death.

  5. adriana  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    awww, you were the only reason i watched ! but you looked beautiful, i wanted you to win !

  6. Evelyne  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    aaaaaah kim were all sad that you had to go i was so surprise but weknow you gave your best!!! yeyyyy kim!!!!!!!
    Im not gonna watch DWTS no more and we all kow its going to lose a lot of rading ha! lol you still Rock Kim!!!

  7. Denise  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    BTW I am totally loving that black dress in your pics!!!

  8. Jenny  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    Before starting DWTS you actually DID say that you could dance, I think thats why so many people tuned in to watch. I have to say it was very disappointing. I doubt that you are THAT shy, I think you play the part well though.
    I’m glad you left the show early, i would hate to have seen you last and have someone WHO really is trying to have been voted off.
    Bad or good publicity its STILL publicity, your a pretty smart girl for that. I WILL give you THAT much.

  9. Isatta  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    Kim OMG Im so sad to see you leave. Last Night I Was Cursing The Judges Out In All The Different Languages I Know. Your Still My #1. So Those JUdges Can Suck Ass! I wish Yew The Best Doe!I So Wont Watch That Show Anymore. Cant Wait For Season 3 of KUWTK!

  10. Ashlee  |   Posted on Oct 1st, 2008

    Kim, I thought you did a great job on DWTS I voted for you! Sad to see you go but you got a great experience out of it. Can’t wait for Keeping up with the Kardashians to start!

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