My hubby Reggie has been playing amazingly! They won on Sunday! Go Saints!

He can’t be here to watch me dance but he is watching from home and voting for me!!!!

Thanks so much Papa!

Remember to vote for me tonight starting at 8pm!!

UPDATE: My cousin CiCi called me and asked if Reggie and I got married because she saw “hubby” written here on my blog! No we aren’t married or even engaged, just wanted a different word for boyfriend, its that simple! I promise you guys will be the first to know!
oh, and for those who asked why I call him Papa, its short for Papa
Bear! We call each other silly names! It’s funny I call him everything
but Reggie!


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  1. Tee from DC  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008

    Anonymous to Realist….

    That is right. I am a black female but I could care less about race, or the fact that Reggie is dating outside his race. I didn’t even know there was a rule that you had to date within race!! We are all people. I mean when dogs get together to make puppies most of the time they aren’t the same breed, nobosy complaining about that. So what does it matter. These woman are just mad, not just mad at you Kim, but the dam world cause they can’t get A MAN, black, white, asian, etc. These people acting like they know you personally?!!!!!! Like ya’ll grew up together! I am sorry if some of you woman can’t get/find a good black man, but don’t hate on the next woman. Stop looking at race, you might find A GOOD MAN!

  2. kimmie  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008

    Kim likes some sexy chocolate thats her preferance.

  3. Kims #1 Beautiful Fan  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008

    Hey Kim absolutley luv you and your fam! Good Luck!

  4. Niecy  |   Posted on Oct 2nd, 2008

    hey kim!!! please try and find a way to stop these haters from commentin on ur blog. they are allllllll sooooo pathetic. leave kim and reggie alone people.

  5. Anonymous  |   Posted on Oct 3rd, 2008

    Like he’s ever going to marry an oily piece of trash like you. You are USED GOODS, Kimmy, and anyone with an internet connection can see the proof!

    Now go wash the crabs out of your blistered crotch and stop annoying the smart people.

  6. Independent  |   Posted on Oct 11th, 2008

    Look at Reggie…now isn’t that sweet. LOL, I bet he didn’t wear that shirt out in public though.

  7. Steve  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2008

    Kim and Reggie are great together..did you guys make a video too? Youtube that b*tch!

    I can see why Reggie is in love with her, have you seen that booty? Sexy, sexy, sexy!

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