Dear Kimee,

I absolutely love you and your advice. You are awesome! :D… I was just wondering what size do you wear in jeans??? I think we have very similar body shapes. I have boobs, curves for days and I definitely have that big Brazilian booty going on. LOL… What are your body measurements???

Brazilian Beauty


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  1. Anonymous  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008

    lol vincee hahahahahaha

  2. Hey Kim
    Just have to give you props for putting your measurements and weight etc here on your website! I see there are definitely a lot of jealous people out there…?!?!

    Because I live in New Zealand, we don’t speak in pounds, inches, or size 27′s…. we would use kilograms, centimetres, and size 10,12,14 etc for our jeans. So really when you have posted your measurements it doesn’t mean much to me! And I’m hardly going to get out my trusty calculator to find out, because you know why? I don’t really care what size you are or what jeans you fit cos you are so gorgeous and fun and I luv ya anyway!

    I’m sorry but I seriously can’t believe how much people care about a bunch of numbers? As long as you look good and are rockin’it… who cares? I definitely applaud you for putting the truth up there for all to see though. Even though it means nothing to me, it’s usually such a taboo thing to tell people how much you weigh and what size you are, etc. Good on you for keeping it real, and I have to tell you I laughed so hard when you said “get a scale, bitches!” HAHAHAHA!

    Normal people would laugh at that comment, but the ones who are getting offended by it take themselves waaaaay too seriously!


  3. Sweetness  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008

    Why did u pick this question to post on Kim to the rescue instead of something more important that ppl on this site are begging for your advice on? If you wanted everybody to know your measurements why didnt you just blog on it and pick a better topic to “rescue”

  4. Noelle  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008


    I could care less about your weight (I think you are beautiful), but care to comment on the eyewitness accounts of you blocking emergency vehicles with your giant SUV because you are talking on your cell phone? I’m married to a cop, and I have zero tolerance for people who think that they are better than those around them – including the injured. You are famous for pretty much nothing, so maybe move your damn Escalade off the road and let people with real jobs do them.

  5. Jackie  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008

    Hi Kim,
    You have a perfect body and people who talk crap about you are just jealous. People wish they had curves like you. Paris is jealous cause she has the body of an 11 year old boy. BTW, I loved your make up tutorials and am waiting for the baby doll look. Please post it soon!

  6. You look Fab!  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008


  7. kimshar  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008

    haters have no life! lol
    you are beautiful kim!

  8. Anonymous  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008

    Which bitches need to get a scale? The ones who know you are a delusional liar? So… haha get some class slore!!!!!! And possibly you could purchase a sense of reality as well.

  9. Korrine  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2008

    YES and obviously her jeans have stretch in them. A 27 jean with stretch can easily fit on Kim…dont be fooled by the cameras I’m sure she is very petite girl! Kim you look great!!

  10. funny as hell u r so real that is why i look up to you KEEP DOING YOU

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