I have a question: I am 13 and I want to be famous but my parents won’t let me do anything that might put me in the spotlight. What should I do to get them to ease up? How did you get your mom to be so cool? Oh ya, I love your show and everything.

Maggie K


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  1. Cyn   |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008


  2. amal  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008

    heyyy, kim i love you (L)

  3. Margarita   |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008

    Kim is right… It takes tough skin and a hard shell on top of that to deal with the spotlight… It has to be for all of the right reasons… Good Luck with everything.. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  4. Alejandra  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008

    Kim! you seriously give the best advice i totally agree with you! Honestly your a roll model keep it up! Best wishes for everything you do xoxo

  5. Kim let us know what brand those chandilier earrings you always wear!!! There Gorgeous on you!!! Luv to see more makeup videos as well ;)!

  6. Anonymous  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008

    hmmm sounds like the same person all three times. Just dont read her blog then if you dont like her.

  7. Christine  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008

    HI HATER!!!! just go shut up and read more comments, since that is all you really do. Kim is a strong girl and really doesn’t have the TIME to deal with haters. Sure, some mistakes along the way, but you learn. You act like every famous person is perfect. They have as many flaws as a regular person does except shes 10x’s more gorgeous!

  8. Sweetness  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008

    I just dont respect you getting money for it, love the outfits tho! And your show gives me a good laugh = )

  9. Kim, thank you! I’ve wondered the same thing once or twice, and I admire your ability to put up with all the crap that comes along with the positive aspects of fame. God bless you. :)

  10. Anonymous  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2008

    Certain people love the attention and the glamor of being famous


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