I spent the weekend in Jackson, Mississippi with Reggie while he was at training camp! It was family day on Saturday!

Thank goodness Khadijah met me there while she was visiting Bobby because now I have a friend to hang out with when the guys are playing! Khadijah also brought their new Boston Terrier puppy Monster!!! He is soooo cute!

It was the best weekend! It was good to spend some quality with Reggie since the team has been working so hard in training camp these past few weeks! They really are going to have an amazing season!

Go Saints!!!!


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  1. 1sttttt

  2. Bonnie  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    Cute photos….I totally love that you’re so down to earth to go kick it at your man’s practices….looking amazing ofcourse….adorable Dog too!!!! Keep being a role model for all!!!

  3. kourtney  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    u look like you had some fun!!1

  4. kenley  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    what kind of dog is that, it’s adorable

  5. Kim can you let us know what chandelier earrings you wear? Especially, the ones you wore to the bartles and james BBQ? You also wear them in different colors… there absolutely gorgeous on you!
    Love your style!!
    I’ve been looking everywhere to find those earrings and I just can’t find them at all.

  6. Mardi  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    I think it was awesome that you spent the day with Reggie to see what his career is like as a professional football player. You look amazing!

  7. Yasmine  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    Hi Kim, im loving your show its so funny your just like most familys having family fueds fights with sisters and everything else. You lot are so funny you have me in stitches. Keep doing wot ur doing its so great. Dont listen to no-one else. I admire your honestly in frount of camera’s. u lot look absolutely great on tv. i come from a arab- moroccan family just as big as yours and i can relate. Keep doing wot ur doing its fantastic

    Yasmine xxxx

  8. yvette   |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    ^^ but fot what?
    get a friggin hobby!
    kim you look gorg!
    && reggie top!

  9. Fran  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    too many disturbed sickos have access to internet lately…there should be a law to prevent such mental cases from having access to internet, but well there are losers everywhere, the pics look great, Reggie looks great for the upcoming season, he is an amazing player, and Kim looks adorable with that puppy!! ehehe

  10. tamz  |   Posted on Aug 3rd, 2008

    hey kim nice pics of u and ur man and its nice of u spending time and showing some luv at practise with him. go girl ur the hottest couple around know.

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