Venice is absolutely beautiful!! We drove there from Florence — about a two hour drive.

The water level rises about a centimeter every year in the famous canal-filled Italian city. So when it is high tide, you have to be careful of the steps because they are all covered in water!

We spent the day walking around then had an amazing dinner on the water.

Oh, this is funny: Look at the picture with all of us standing with the beautiful
background. You will notice that I am wearing socks with hideous sandals! That’s because my luggage got lost and I had nothing to wear!

My family and Reggie were
making fun of me all day! Ha ha!

Here are five awesome things to do if you ever find yourself in Venice:

  1. Visit the Basilica di San Marco (a post on my visit to the square there is coming soon!)
  2. Take a gondola ride, of course! I recommend the Grand Canal — that’s like the city’s main street. 
  3. Get a room with a kitchen and cook a fresh catch from the fish market.
  4. Take a lift up to the top of the basilica’s tall campanile.
  5. The best window shopping is on the wide street, Calle Larga XXII Marzo.


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  1. Anonymous  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    Haha! That is so funny about the socks!
    I’m so sorry to hear your luggage got lost. Hopefully they find it soon and if they don’t – hey, another excuse to go shopping!
    Enjoy your trip.


  2. Anonymous  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    I would have loved to see your little temper tantrum losing your luggage. It would have been hilarious! Just as hilarious as you demanding a $2500 a night suite from your mom!

  3. Peridotsun  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    I’ll be in Italy this weekend, flying in to Venice first then heading out to Florence and finally arriving in Rome. What a bummer you’ll be leaving by then. It would’ve have been a treat to see you (by chance) in person.
    Thanks for the tips on where to go, I will definitely note them down.

  4. Robert  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    Well venice is beautiful (tell me it isnt) lol i have been to the Biscilica Di san marco it is just magnificent everything else is a bit knew i will make sure to do all of the other glam things it seems sooo fun! Glad u had fun Doll!

  5. Anonymous  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    Kim didn’t loose her luggage !!! She is just a scam artist. Just like she was robbed at LAX !!! Give me a BREAK!!! OMG this chick will do anything for a dollar. She probably told reggie to dispose of her luggage so she can file an insurance claim for an absurd amount of money. Wow you have to be low class to do things like that. All the caviar in the world could not give you class. YUCK!!

  6. Ms. T.  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    I love the second to last picture of you and your grandma – her yellow clothes match the yellow in the building behind and the yellow chairs and t-shirts in the background. She is so pretty and always seems to dress very stylish! So nice! Oh BTW your show KUWTK has been on all afternoon here in los angeles 1-6pm – it’s 4:30 and the episode is Kardashian family vacation to the ski lodge and Bruce’s randoms just arrived for beer and pizza lol

  7. sheba  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    Nice pictures! Everything looks so picture-perfect! Great architecture. Glad you had a good trip!

    Thanks for the tips!

  8. Ms. T.  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    I meant to say of your MOM and your grandma (not you :)

  9. kate  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    haha im sorry about your luggage! it looks like your having an amazing time, so cute that reggie came along! i just wanna say thank you for taking the time to update your site, i really enjoy keeping up with you and the latest happenings in your life! enjoy the rest of your trip! xoxoxo

  10. Peridotsun  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2008

    Dude what is wrong with “Anonymous”! My gosh, get a job or find a hobby or better yet, find someone to love you, if that’s possible! You seem to hate Kim so much yet you’re always on the site? You sound like a weirdo.

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