I recently met up with Extra correspondent Terry Seymour to go shopping in Monte Carlo

We just so happened to stumble upon a Cartier store (wink, wink). And if you know me at all, you realize my absolute need to go inside!

Terry and I both decided it is always a good idea for a girl to know what kind of engagement ring she hopes for… and no, neither of us are hinting at anything! Anyway, we looked at many different rings to check out the various shapes, colors, clarity… you know, the works.

Do you like to window shop for jewelry, wait to receive it as a gift or do you buy in bulk? Let me know your jewelry shopping habits in the comments area!


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  1. Shirley   |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    Hi Kim! I am not too big on jewelry, BUT if I got it as a gift I would definitley accept.. I mean what girl wouldn’t :) I also wanted to ask where Khloe has been?

    Thanks Kim!


  2. fan-from-trinidad   |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    I didn’t even realise you took down the swim suit pics. I knew something was missing.

    I know reading comments that people post that are negative dampens your spirit.

    You have a gorgeous body!! Be proud of it! I wish if i was you (my bf certainly would appreciate that ;)

    You have to realise when people are makign negative comments its because they ARE JEALOUS and being haters.

    Don’t let haters dictate your life Kim…

    I’m glad to know that you do read the posts at the your site.

    Wishing you all the best Kim…you’re super gorgeous.

    Be a beautiful person inside and out.

    Take care..
    always a fan of yours!

  3. Emre DOGAN  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    Hey Kim. Do you know in which hour you born ? Coz my birthday is also 10.21.1980.

  4. MsJones  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    I love that dress!!! So cute !! I love that you wear clothes that flatter your body type!!! Have Fun!!!

  5. that’s pretty pycho to be scoping out engagement rings and telling the world when you claim you guys are not near engagement yet. i’m sorry, but it seems Kim is way more in to this relationship than Reggie is and i’m sure this will make him run for the hills…he’s so young too. i can’t believe Kim can actually date someone much younger- so weird-obviously it’s for his money and fame.

  6. Sarah  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    Hey Kim, I want to thank you for making Hollywood “rethink” the whole skinny trend! My body kind of resembles yours (as in; wide hips, small waist, just overall curvy..), and I used to be kind of insecure. But you have definitely convinced me that feminine bodies are awesome and can be dressed well!
    You’re hot! :D

  7. Andria  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    Hey Kim!
    Glad to see you’re having an amazing vacation! I love to go window shopping… actually I love to just go shopping in general… ANY KIND! haha! About a year ago I went into Tiffany’s with my boyfriend (ya I had to drag him in) and I was looking at engagements rings when the sales lady asked us when our wedding date was. It was awesome to see my boyfriend squirm (we’re only 20 years old… no where near tying the knot)! ANYWAYS, have a great rest of your vacation!


  8. Nágila Bianchi   |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    hello kim .. I’m from brazil Nágila I would like to say that much admire his style and taste of their tips on beauty as much help me in my self esteem, access your blog daily, sorry if my English is wrong continues always going to make their beauty …. and you podeme say which is your favorite perfume for the day and the night?
    cn is beautiful, more tips on hair, makeup and clothes

  9. SEXY CHICA  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008


  10. Anonymous  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2008

    If I were to be scoping out engagement rings they would not be from Cartier. HARRY WINSTON BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!! But speaking of engagement rings Mariah Cary Has one serious ROCK on her finger. I love how she added the pink stones. Jennifer lopez made history with her Pink diamond harry winston ring. That woman is has style. She blows me away everything she does is just amazing and Big.

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